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Leased Carrier

Welcome! We are looking forward to a great working relationship.

This page is dedicated to our Leased on Carriers. We offer all of the traditional benefits found with all other organizations with a mixture of settlement options that are tailored to meet your needs.

Below are the links to documents you will be required to sign and return to us. All of these documents are in adobe format and require the free adobe reader to view and print them.

Our cargo insurance requirement is at least $350,000 minimum for 9 car carriers and Moore Transport of Tulsa listed as additional insured. Your application will be revoked if insurance is not provided as prescribed.

It is our requirement that you utilize our internal bills of lading and 3PL Driver Wireless (ePOD) system. Payments will not be made without utilizing our bills of lading and obtaining a clear signature at the destination for each unit.

You must adhere to our customers loading policies and procedures.

Please submit all documents to Brokerage hours are from 9am to 3pm EST. All documents received past 2:30 pm EST will be processed on the next business day.

All Subcontractors must meet the following qualifications in order to lease on:

  • A. Must have an active account on Central Dispatch for 1 year
  • B. Central Dispatch rating score must be 98 or above
  • C. No Negative ratings in regard to late pickup/delivery, no call/no show, lack of communication or damages
  • D. Insurance company must be an A rated company in accordance with A.M. Best's global insurance credit ratings

All Subcontractors must provide the following prior to loading:

  • A. Please use the following checklist to ensure complete packet Checklist
  • B. W-9 (with legible SS# or Tax ID #) IRS W9
  • C. Certificate of Operating Authority
  • D. Certificate of Insurance- Listing Moore Transport as ADDITIONAL INSURED
  • E. 1M General Liability, 1M Auto Liability and: 350K Cargo for 8-10 car, 250K Cargo for 4-7 car or, 150K Cargo for 1-3 car
  • F. Signed Broker Motor Carrier Agreement Agreement
  • G. Signed Welcome Letter Introduction Letter
  • H. Signed Payment Terms Payment Terms


Please contact us at (313) 985-1556 option 2 or email us at between the hours of 9am and 3pm EST to find out more information.


You are responsible for all damages from the point you get in the car to load it to the point you receive a signed Bill of Lading. A BOL that is marked as Subject to Inspection is NOT a signed BOL and you are still responsible for any damage to the cargo. Read section 8 of the Agreement for further information on Damages.

E-MAIL ALL SIGNED BOLs to: at the time of delivery.
Failure to do so will result in non-payment.
ALL Carriers MUST use OUR Bill of Lading!

Payment Terms:

Moore Transport requires an Invoice and SIGNED Bill of Lading for payment*.

Terms 5% Next Day, Net 30 from the date of receipt of your invoice and BOL signed by dealer or 30 Day pay is offered with no fees, check runs are made on Friday.

*NOTE: Any BOL marked STI is NOT a signed BOL & will result in NON-PAYMENT until signature is provided by the dealer and verified. Damages will result in payments being suspended.

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Telephone: 313-985-1556