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Asset are tracked through cellular and satellite mechanisms that provide real-time vehicles status
Cellular and satellite mechanisms track and provide real-time presentations of vehicles current status and geographical presence.


Moore Transport has made significant investments in new assets. The Company is proud to keep its average fleet age between 1.5 to 3 years old. Through an aggressive preventive maintenance program and an even more aggressive cleanliness program, Moore is known as having one of the best fleets in the industry.

All of the trucks are manufactured for the higher demands of the automotive transportation industry. This allows the Company to not only supply its customers and drivers with the best available assets, but also allows for an above industry normal load factor.

Throughout the fleet, all of the Company’s trailers have the capacity of 10 vehicles and utilize straps to soft-tie the inventory in a manner that prevents damage. The trailer assets are a mixture of quick loaders and high-rails, yet, all are free of defects, aggressively maintained, and kept extremely clean.

Each asset is tracked and regulated through a system of both cellular and satellite mechanisms that give real-time presentations of the vehicles current status and geographical presence. Through these devices, the Company is able to also communicate effectively in real-time to the driver regardless of where they are located and how good or bad their cell signal.

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